Thursday, January 12, 2017

Coloring like a big kid.

Well it seems January is going pretty well. A few dust bunnies being naughty and causing mischief but nothing serious thankfully. Next week I'll be puppy sitting my dog in town which will be a nice change of pace. You may wonder why I'm puppy sitting my own dog, but that's cuz he's old and in his retirement home (aka my parents) where he can move easier and be spoiled rotten. I'm bringing my coloring books so I can play.

This image I'm sharing with you is a 'just for fun' page. Sometimes you just need to grab some pens and color with out caring. There are books I work hard in and books I use just for play like this. Get in touch with that inner child, give it some crayons and let it enjoy some carefree coloring. It's good for the soul. Not everything we color has to be fussed with. My only complaint is my pens only had one yellow so my idea of it being a sunflower went a little orange hehe.

Have a safe and fun weekend everyone! (hope the bunnies don't trash my room while I'm gone.. not that I'd notice LOL)


  1. Wonderful post and really pretty coloring.

  2. Have fun with the pup and happy colouring. xx

  3. Love this Kerri!! 😍 The colours may not be what you intended but they are lovely! 👏🏻 Enjoy the time with your furry and folks, honey! 😘

  4. Enjoy your week with your pup, Kerri. Love the color combo on this!