Thursday, January 12, 2017

Coloring like a big kid.

Well it seems January is going pretty well. A few dust bunnies being naughty and causing mischief but nothing serious thankfully. Next week I'll be puppy sitting my dog in town which will be a nice change of pace. You may wonder why I'm puppy sitting my own dog, but that's cuz he's old and in his retirement home (aka my parents) where he can move easier and be spoiled rotten. I'm bringing my coloring books so I can play.

This image I'm sharing with you is a 'just for fun' page. Sometimes you just need to grab some pens and color with out caring. There are books I work hard in and books I use just for play like this. Get in touch with that inner child, give it some crayons and let it enjoy some carefree coloring. It's good for the soul. Not everything we color has to be fussed with. My only complaint is my pens only had one yellow so my idea of it being a sunflower went a little orange hehe.

Have a safe and fun weekend everyone! (hope the bunnies don't trash my room while I'm gone.. not that I'd notice LOL)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Morning number one: Not to shabby

I have to say, morning #1 is starting my year off quite nicely. Started the morning fire on the first try LOL.

So today, when the house is up and moving, it's time to clear out my room and start fresh and clean! I hope everyone had a good morning and the hangovers (of any kind) are few and tolerable.

On this first day of 2017 I'm coloring this page. Starting with my neocolor 2's and a water brush. I'll probably do some finishing touches with prismacolor pencils :)

I'm finding the coloring a lot easier after swatching my colors. I'm using colors I may have passed over before which is GREAT. I'm a late learner when it comes to swatching my supplies. If you're on the fence about it too, I say go for it and you'll be happy you did.

That's it from and me and the dust bunnies, hoping your start was just as smooth as ours was.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Streamathon (And news) for 2017

Woot woot we're doing it again this year. I have a new room in a new home with new people and pets and a new camera set up too.

Jean the Musical Scrapper did all the scheduling and I'm streaming in the morning at 10:45 eastern right after Dede :) Heather starts us off. Jean has a list up and will be posting the links too soon but you can also find people's links by clicking on my ustreamers lists in my sidebar.

I've renamed my blog too, it needed some dusting off but I found so many dust bunnies I adopted the whole lot. We'll get into all kinds of mischief I bet. You know what corner dwellers are like.

Here is Jean's link

And if you didn't know already, Dede is doing a giveaway too. You have to color her drawing first (on her blog). Then you go to her blog and tell her that you colored it. Then if you win (and only if you win) you tell her where she can see your colored picture. Her link is here: 

I colored mine twice LOL and you can see it on my Facebook or Twitter accounts

oh and my ustream link might be good to share LOL

That's it from me and bunnies for now. Type at yas soon (and stream at yas soon too!)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Current Ustream Show Bookmark List

(some people no longer stream but remain on the list)

Karen (Tuesdays 12pm EST) *updated time
Laura - 2PM EST Friday
Janet (Merle)
CarolTMT - 4PM EST Tuesday
Emma - 10:30 EST Thursday
Mieke (littlephantom)
Shawna Saturday 1pm EST
Debby Epps
Heather (Bunny Designs) 10am EST Tuesday
Karla (Kagedfish) Tuesday 2pm est
Youtube -
Ustream -
Pam (QueenPam)
SarahO (Tuesday 4pm EST)
Coleen (scrapchic)
Ange  (6:30 or 7pm est Friday nights when available)
Rhyomany (wednesday and saturdays 1pm eastern)
Ella (Mondays 7pm eastern)
Dede (mondays 9am eastern, impromptus during the week)
Paula (wednesdays and saturdays 9pm eastern)
Jean (monday 4pm eastern, thursday 1pm eastern)
Laurel (Sunday 10 or 11am eastern) 
Kerri (me)
Barb (fridays 2pm eastern)
Joycee (wednesdays 1pm eastern)
Sarah (Sunday mornings eastern)
Johnna and Darcie (1st saturday of every month, 10am eastern)
Zandra (wednesdays 8 est and sundays 7:30pm eastern)
Flying Unicorn
Jen (thursdays 7pm eastern)
Kathy (cass) Tuesdays 6:30EST
Niki Jackson